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Tagros Polska
95-061 Dmosin
Nagawki 23
tel. +48 (46) 874-62-08
fax: +48 (46) 874-66-33


Most of the fruit sold by Tagros Polska comes from the trusted and tested sources. However, our company's business development strategy included the purchase of our own land in 2005. The plantation was established in Nagawki near Brzeziny, where fruit such as blueberries (picked: July-August), cherries (picked: June-July), and red currants (picked: July) is grown.

The farm is located in a considerable distance from industrial areas. Fertile soil has a very positive impact on the quality of the fruit. This allows us to offer healthy and tasty products, without recourse to artificial fertilizers. Traditional farming combined with modern technology allows us to harvest several tons of the highest quality fruit every season.

We follow the advice of the Institute of Pomology SGGW in Skierniewice.

Our offer is addressed to large contractors as well as small and medium-sized companies. We are open to various forms of cooperation, ensuring continuous supply throughout the year.