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Tagros Polska
95-061 Dmosin
Nagawki 23
tel. +48 (46) 874-62-08
fax: +48 (46) 874-66-33

O Firmie

Wake up!... it is time to conquer the world!

Created in 1998, Tagros Polska has been developing ever since. The interest in business and trade, both national and international, combined with the love of Poland and its natural resources were the key factors behind the creation of the company.

Initially, Tagros Polska focused on buying and selling wild berries and mushrooms, both fresh and frozen. However, in the course of time the Polish market created a demand for high quality dried mushrooms. Therefore, we decided to build an industrial dryer for mushrooms, and began packaging dried mushrooms. What is more, since 2006 we have been also selling farmed fruit - fresh and frozen, which is bought directly from reliable and trusted producers.

For several years we have been also investing in infrastructure in order to obtain the quickest delivery time possible. Investments such as a modern packaging line enable us to provide you with large amounts of merchandise in no time. The automatisation of the basic processes necessary to produce our goods has significantly improved the work ethic and has strengthened our position in comparision to our competition.


Our strengths include many years of experience, clear company goals and consistent implementation of business strategy. We focus on deliberate development with clearly specified long-term goals. Those two factors have been the guiding factors for our company since the very beginning. We believe that our strong fundamentals and high quality products will enable us to develop further and satisfy our business partners.